The Ketamine Infusion Experience

Comfortable & Safe Ketamine Infusions

At Imperial Medicine Ketamine and Wellness Infusion Therapy, we do everything to ensure your visits are as comfortable as possible. Whether you are seeking help for depression, mood disorders, or chronic pain, we are here to help. We will administer low dose Ketamine infusion treatment in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

man receiving an infusion

How to Prepare

No Eating

We encourage you not to eat or drink anything 4- 6 hours before your scheduled appointment, though you may have clear liquids up to two hours prior. 


Our goal is for you to be relaxed, so we advise you to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.


Upon arrival, we will go over your medical history and complete an assessment, after which we will guide you to your private treatment room. Here, you will sit and relax in our comfortable infusion chair while you’re connected to our monitors.

IV Insertion

Our well trained and skilled staff will then place a small IV in your hand, wrist, or arm. To further ensure your comfort, we provide a topical anesthetic allowing the process to be relatively painless.

Close Monitoring

The infusion will begin using an infusion pump safeguarding you are receiving the correct dose over the infusion period of approximately 45-55 minutes, during which we will be closely monitoring your response.

IV Removal

After the Ketamine infusion treatment is complete, we will remove the IV from your arm and apply a small bandage dressing.

The Effects of Ketamine

“How does it feel?” you might ask. You will feel the effects of the Ketamine soon after the infusion begins. Normally, patients will be in a particularly relaxed state. During which we have headphones available, or you may use your own, to listen to music and allow for a more enjoyable experience during your treatment. Typically, patients close their eyes, kick their feet up and relax during this time. 

Occasionally, patients may experience nausea during the infusion, which we easily manage by providing you an anti-emetic. Once the infusion is complete you will feel relatively normal within 20 minutes, though, one of the main side effects is feeling tired or a bit drowsy after treatment. This feeling is short-lived and will typically resolve by the end of the day. However, due to these effects, we require a designated driver to sign you out and take you home after the treatment. Plan accordingly as you will not be able to go back to work, operate machinery, drive, or sign legal documents the same day you received your Ketamine infusion treatment.