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Dr. Deanna Mossallati, D.O.

Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Deanna Mossallati is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician. She has extensive experience in the medical management of patients in the hospital setting in the areas of medical, surgical, intensive care units, and in mental health.  In addition, she has supervised and taught medical students and physician residents in medicine. She strives to provide superior patient-centered care and advocate for new, innovative treatments and modalities to increase the quality of life of each of her patients. Dr. Mossallati is excited to be in collaboration with other anesthesia professionals to provide new, effective and innovative treatment of medication delivered by intravenous infusions for treatment-resistant conditions in mental health as well as other pain disorders.

Jeremy Mendez


Jeremy Mendez is certified by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetist and licensed as an Advanced Practice Nurse Anesthetist in Florida. He has extensive expertise in providing safe anesthesia care in hospitals and sole anesthesia provider in private practice settings.  His high level of skill and knowledge base in the field of anesthesiology has given him abilities to practice anesthesia in all areas. Jeremy is well experienced with using Ketamine as an anesthetic agent and as an adjuvant treatment for mental health and chronic pain.

Jeremy Mendez